About Me

Hi! I’m Rebecca, or sometimes Becks.

I’m 29 and hail from the Bay Area in California (about 30 miles south of San Francisco).

I am an avid CrossFitter, a lifelong equestrian (24 years), and love anything strength training related. Unlike a lot of people who are big into fitness, I was never an athlete growing up. At age 11, I grew from 5’6″ to 5’10” in a mere 3 months; thinking I would be a shoe-in for basketball, the coaches at my middle school quickly found out I wasn’t into it, and I practically begged to quit the team. I gave up on team sports and focused more on my riding until about age 25 when I really started to get into working out.

After a few brief on-again-off-again stints with running and my local globo-gym, I finally got serious about making time for working out when I was 26. I fell in love with the TRX classes offered at my gym, and started to move towards more strength training. But, like many people, I was uncomfortable in the weight section of the gym while by myself, so I stuck to the few basic movements I knew. While this was better than nothing, I definitely fell into doing the same routine every time.

CrossFit was something that piqued my interest for a good 8 months or so until I actually decided to try it. November 1, 2013 was my first class, and I was scared shitless. I remember sitting outside the gym for a good 15 minutes in my car by myself, trying to convince myself to go in. It was terrifying, but I am so happy I walked through those doors, as CrossFit has changed my life; I can attest to the fact that the CrossFit community is incredible and a huge driving force in the popularity of the sport.

I love to travel, take photos (especially the mountains) and have new experiences. I also love baking but try to healthify everything, which works out…sometimes. The other times…nah, not so much.

Happy reading!

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