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Training When You Don’t Feel Like Training

Two days in a row? What is this malarky? Basically sorcery, as far as I’m concerned.

Today, I want to get into the topic of training and going to the gym when you don’t feel like it. I consider myself incredibly lucky, as I don’t typically lack the motivation to workout. It is something I genuinely not only enjoy, but look forward to doing; however, I know that this is not the case for a lot of people.

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Not So Lazy Sunday

Happy Monday, Internet! I hope your weekend was good and you’re feeling ready to kick this week’s butt.

Yesterday was Sunday (thank you, Captain Obvious) and that means two things for me: the return of yoga at our gym (yasss) and open gym (*slow clap*). I love our yoga class because it’s a fantastic way to stretch out and undo all the tightness we’ve accumulated over the week, and because our yoga teacher, Wendy, has been gone the last few weeks kicking total ass at the USA National Weightlifting Championships (AND SHE GOT GOLD!!!). Not only is she a wonderful yoga teacher, she is also super strong and one badass lady. After an hour with her I felt good to go for open gym, which gets a slow clap because so I often I go in with a very loose plan of what I want to be doing. Today I went in with a plan, and even remembered to film some stuff!

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Nobody Likes Tuesdays + Squats & Abs

Happy Tuesday, friends! Anyone else feel like Tuesday is sort of the throw-away day of the week? Everyone hates Monday, then Tuesday is just…there, Wednesday is Hump Day, Thursday is the day before Friday (AKA half Friday) and then Friday is…Friday. Poor Tuesday.

Anyway, let’s celebrate the forgettable simpleton known as Tuesday and talk workouts. I did a little bit of strength work on my own at open gym on Sunday, and I felt like it was a good get in/get out.

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