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Wyoming, Part 2

Coming home after being on vacation is never easy. I feel like it’s exceptionally more difficult when said vacation helps you realize that where you consider “home” is not exactly where you want to be anymore, and said vacation spot is more aligned with where you want to call “home”. This was definitely the case with me, as I think the mountains are my happy place. More on that later (maybe, possibly) if I can figure out my next life steps!

As I mentioned in my last post, the majority of my trip was spent driving around solo and taking photos. I absolutely love doing this, as I think one of the best ways to discover new places is to set out without an agenda or expectations. It also allowed me to get a lay of the land a bit, and figure out the best spots for epic photos. Although honestly, pretty much anywhere out there made for amazing photo opportunities.

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Wyoming, Part 1.

What a week it’s been so far! Apologies for the hiatus (again, I’m terrible, I know), but I’ve been on vacation in Jackson, WY since Sunday the 5th. It’s been hard to tear myself away from the incredible scenery (tons of photos below) and sit down in front of my computer to write something. However, it’s currently pouring rain – which is actually a nice reprieve from the horrific drought we’re enduring in California. I figured a rainy Friday wasn’t a terrible time to sit down and get something written.

When I told people I was going on vacation to Wyoming, many of them just gave me a puzzled look. Why on earth would you go to Wyoming? 

Um, because this, for starters:

Cabin on the meadow

In other words…it is insanely, ridiculously beautiful, and if you’re an active or outdoorsy person, this is basically a wet dream (sorry) come true.

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