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The Flu, New Programming & The Open

Hot damn, it’s been a minute. I think I should add regular blog posts to my list of goals to accomplish for the New Year!

I’ve been dealing with a terrible flu since last Monday (January 4th) that sidelined me from life for about a week. I’m not sure why I’ve been getting sick so much this year, but it’s starting to tick me off. I came down with a slight cold on Christmas, but it was clearing up until last week when I started to feel pretty crappy Monday evening. Tuesday morning I had a fever, and Wednesday morning I went to urgent care with a fever of 102.5°. They gave me a mask to wear (because I was so disgusting), and my boyfriend pointed out my uncanny resemblance to Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat.


I know what I’m being for Halloween.

It was absolutely miserable…I don’t think I’ve ever been that sick in my life. Today (Thursday the 14th) is the first time I’ve worked out in 10 days, and that was rough.

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Gymnastic Work & Overcoming Fear

Hey Monday, nice to see you again! I hope the return to your week wasn’t too painful and you only need minimal amounts of caffeine to continue to function today.


Last week was a bit of a hot one here in the Bay Area. For most of the week, the temperatures settled into the 99° – 103° range, which is pretty miserable. Any workout that was already tough was going to be that much worse due to the heat. On Friday, it finally cooled off a bit and since we Californians are sort of weenies when it comes to weather, it was nice to get back into the comfortable (relative term) mid 80’s.

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