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The CrossFit Open – What is it, and why should I do it?

Hey! Happy Monday!

Today might seem like any other regular Monday, but this week is a little different as it’s a big one for the CrossFit community. Why, you ask?


So, what exactly is the Open? 

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The CrossFit Games Are Coming!

This month has pretty a great month for traveling. I spent 8 days in beautiful Wyoming, and now I’m going down to the less than beautiful Carson, CA for 6 days to watch the Reebok CrossFit Games. I know that everyone is supposed to swoon over southern California’s supposed beauty, but…no. Sorry. Too much traffic, tons of smog and too many people. But they do have beaches that are actually warm, so…I guess I can kind of see the appeal.

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Wyoming, Part 2

Coming home after being on vacation is never easy. I feel like it’s exceptionally more difficult when said vacation helps you realize that where you consider “home” is not exactly where you want to be anymore, and said vacation spot is more aligned with where you want to call “home”. This was definitely the case with me, as I think the mountains are my happy place. More on that later (maybe, possibly) if I can figure out my next life steps!

As I mentioned in my last post, the majority of my trip was spent driving around solo and taking photos. I absolutely love doing this, as I think one of the best ways to discover new places is to set out without an agenda or expectations. It also allowed me to get a lay of the land a bit, and figure out the best spots for epic photos. Although honestly, pretty much anywhere out there made for amazing photo opportunities.

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