16.1 – Glutes, Glutes & More Glutes

It’s March! Holy crap! What happened?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For starters, 16.1 happened last Friday. Man, was that one tough workout. For those of you wondering, 16.1 = the first workout in the CrossFit Open this year (16 = 2016, .1 = the first workout of 5). The RX’ed version was as follows:

20 minute AMRAP of:
– 25 ft. of overhead walking lunges (95# for the men, 65# for the women)
– 8 bar-facing burpees (as in jumping over the bar after each one)
– 25 ft. overhead walking lunges
– 8 chest to bar pull-ups

Or, if you were like me and ended up doing the scaled option, as I don’t yet have chest to bar pull ups, it was the following:

20 minute AMRAP of:
– 25 ft front rack walking lunges (45# for men, 35# for women)
– 8 bar-facing burpees
– 25 ft front rack walking lunges
– 8 jumping pull-ups

20 minutes is a long ass time. I knew this was going to suck going into it, and my only strategy was to go slower than I thought I had to. A lot of people went out too hard and too fast and were dead halfway through. I personally enjoy the longer workouts as I’m pretty good at pacing, and I also told myself not to look at the clock and just to concentrate on moving at a steady pace. This ended up working well for me, as I got 10 total rounds plus completed the burpees into the 11th round. The last 3 minutes were absolutely terrible and at the end I could barely move, but overall I’m really happy with how I did. I was able to push a little bit more the last few rounds, and I can confidently say that I gave it 110%; my final score was 273 total reps, and I don’t think I could have done anything different to improve my score.

My butt took a number of days to recover (sorry, but it’s true), because lunges are no joke. Collectively, I ended up doing about 500 ft. of walking lunges with 33 lbs. Gross. But heeeey booty, nice to see you!

Tomorrow they will announce 16.2, and I’ve kept my training in mind for that this week. I’ve done a couple really fun metcons and some good strength work, and I feel good. I will probably not do a second workout tonight, and keep it relatively light tomorrow in anticipation for the announcement. My program had me work up to a 9 rep max for back squats, and I ended up getting 123 lbs, about 65% of my one rep max. Seriously, establishing these 7/8/9 rep maxes are tough, because even though it’s not that much weight, you get tired fast, and let’s be honest…9 reps takes forever.

But hey, they felt pretty good!

How is everyone else’s week going so far?

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