Valentine’s Gains

Happy fake Monday (Tuesday)! It’s always tough coming back to work after a 3-day weekend, especially when the weather has essentially forgotten it’s winter and decides to show up wearing 80° temperatures. I’m not complaining, but it definitely makes me antsy for spring and summer. BRING ON THE TANK TOP AND BOOTY SHORTS.

How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day? To be honest I’ve never really been much of a celebrator of this day, but this year felt different and I decided to embrace it a bit. My boyfriend and I exchanged gifts, and he got me a tank top and hoodie from Unbroken Wear. The nice part about dating someone who is also super into CrossFit is that it makes gift shopping easy and fun. He also woke up early before I was up, snuck out and bought flowers to give to me as soon as I woke up.


Yay flowers!

We mostly just spent the day together hanging out after I went to the barn to hang out (harass) my horse.


Then, he made us dinner which was deeeelicious – bacon, eggs and avocado. He made it last week too and I think it might be my perfect meal. This picture doesn’t make it look terribly pretty, but it certainly is delicious.


Yesterday was a holiday – YAY – which meant I spent most of my day at the gym. We did a pretty tough partner WOD that took my partner , Shannon and I around 30 minutes…this was one that was definitely worse than it looked. Side note: I’ve had Shannon as my partner before and I love doing WOds with her! She is always so positive and puts forth so much effort. I don’t have  a photo of her, but she is just the sweetest.

Normally, these long chipper workouts are in my wheelhouse (I have an engine for sure, but the shorter/more intense workouts are harder for me) but this one definitely proved to be tough. Not undoable, just took a looooong time.


I also apparently have very poor time management skills, as I got to the gym around 10:45 AM with the expectation of doing my strength work for Barbell Bikini before the class/WOD listed above, as on Saturdays & holidays our gym typically only has one class that is only a long partner WOD (no strength work). But I pretty much just farted around for a good hour socializing before realizing it was 11:50 and if strength work was going to happen, it was going to be after that monstrosity. Not my best strategic move, but hey – sometimes it happens.

My strength work on Monday was to work up to a maximum weight on the following complex: 1 clean + 1 hang clean + 3 front squats. I worked up to 103, which normally would not be super heavy, but my legs felt pretty tired after all those double unders/wall balls/box jumps…basically everything in the WOD.

I genuinely don’t realize how tall I am on a day-to-day basis until I see video of me doing things like this. I will never be as fast as I want to be, because I am so damn far from the ground. Grrrr.

That’s it for me. How was your weekend? Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?


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