Just Jerkin’ It

Happy Wednesday, everyone. I don’t typically like to inundate people with clichés like “happy hump day”, so I won’t. Except I think I inadvertently just did. Whoops.

How is your week going? Fantastically, I hope. After a long bought of feeling like I would never be back to 100%, I think I’m on the road to full recovery. I believe I mentioned this last time, but one of my goals this month was to really clean up my diet – I eat pretty well for the most part (probably better than about 90% of the general population), but I know that there are still some areas for improvement. I’m happy to say that I’ve been doing quite well – lots more veggies, more protein and fewer carbs. I definitely look leaner (the scale says I’m down ~7 lbs, but I am very wary of scales), my body just feels good, and I think I’ve slipped up twice – once when I was sick, and once after the Chase Rice concert my boyfriend and I went to. Best part was, I wasn’t worried about it, and I moved on. So yes, the tired myth of “increasing your fats and proteins while cutting out carbs” works. Don’t completely cut out carbs (you need them!), but I would suggest trying to incorporate more greens and veggies as your carb sources. Or not, you do you.

The biggest goal though was to cut out added sugar. Right now, I’m only getting sugar from fruit for the most part, and I haven’t craved sweets in a long time.

Speaking of added sugar –  have you noticed it’s in absolutely everything? Even milk?!

Yeah, even milk. I’ve included a video of Jamie Oliver’s TED talk on why we need to start teaching kids about food and nutrition from a young age – if you have some spare time, I would really recommend watching this.


Pretty terrible, right?

Although I know I post videos of stuff I do in the gym somewhat frequently, truth be told I don’t usually film myself. I have, however, started to a bit more frequently because it really does help me see what I’m doing incorrectly (because really, I am always doing SOMETHING incorrectly) and then I know what I need to fix. Below is a video of some light clean & jerks I did last night. The video below shows 85 lbs, and I worked up to 100 lb for four singles. The cleans felt ok, but after reviewing the footage I can tell I am not getting a full hip extension. It’s light enough to wear this won’t pose a problem, per se, but it’s also a terrible habit to get into. I was actually really please with the jerks, as this is a movement I usually struggle with because my chest dives forward and I’m not as aggressive in punching up as I should be. But, these felt food, my feet felt like they were in a good spot, and the weight felt light.

To the ladies out there – those teal pants are the Zone In Crops from Lululemon. They’re on super stupid sale right now on the website – from $118 to $39!!! I should forwarn you that they don’t have the best reviews and apparently a lot of people hate them, but I think they’re amazingly compressive, flattering and comfortable. Everyone else’s hatred is my gain(z). I recommend sizing up because they run a little small. You’re welcome.

Also played around with the slow motion feature on my toes to bar on Monday. These look so cool in slow-mo!

Other than that, things have been pretty normal. The Open is coming up in about a month, and I’m super excited! Even if you can’t be super competitive and get to regionals, it’s still fun to compete in your gym and post your scores to see your improvements from previous years. We’ve also had a couple sunny days here in California after a week straight of rain, which is so needed, but it’s nice to have a couple days on sunshine in between.

My question for you – if you could travel anywhere in the world right now, all expenses paid and your home life obligations weren’t an issue, where would you go?






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