The Flu, New Programming & The Open

Hot damn, it’s been a minute. I think I should add regular blog posts to my list of goals to accomplish for the New Year!

I’ve been dealing with a terrible flu since last Monday (January 4th) that sidelined me from life for about a week. I’m not sure why I’ve been getting sick so much this year, but it’s starting to tick me off. I came down with a slight cold on Christmas, but it was clearing up until last week when I started to feel pretty crappy Monday evening. Tuesday morning I had a fever, and Wednesday morning I went to urgent care with a fever of 102.5°. They gave me a mask to wear (because I was so disgusting), and my boyfriend pointed out my uncanny resemblance to Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat.


I know what I’m being for Halloween.

It was absolutely miserable…I don’t think I’ve ever been that sick in my life. Today (Thursday the 14th) is the first time I’ve worked out in 10 days, and that was rough.

The good news is, I feel like I’m on the mend, although I hesitate to say that as I feel like that’s a surefire way to get sick again. My suggestion is to get a flu shot (I didn’t this year…big mistake), eat your veggies, drink your water, and sleep. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

But, let’s talk fitness! This morning was my first day of doing the Barbell Bikini program from Barbell Shrugged. This program focuses specifically on getting stronger all while helping you lean out, which has been my goal for awhile now. It was also a good first workout to bring me back from being so sick, because let me tell you…taking 10 days off sucks. The strength portion of today’s workout had a 6RM of pause front squats, and I only got up to 73 lb. Considering my 1RM for my front squat is 158, it was actually pretty depressing to only get to 73 lbs, but I have to keep in mind that my body will need some adjustment, it’s still healing, and pause squats are tougher than they seem.

The program itself is great, as it’s geared towards females who are in good shape but want to lean out while getting stronger. Oh yes, that’s me! I’m excited to actually be on a program, versus what I’ve been doing which is kind of program hopping between what my gym has planned (I should mention their programming is amazing, and has helped me achieve countless PRs over the last two years) and some accessory stuff I’ve been doing on my own. There is also a comprehensive nutrition portion to the program, which is excellent. I still need to take my before & after pictures, my measurements and body fat percentages (not looking forward to that), but overall I’m excited to see the progress. If you’re curious about the program, I’d encourage you to check it out – the crew at Barbell Shrugged know what they’re doing, and the resources they provide are invaluable. The cost was very fair, too – I paid $147 for 3 months of programming (I also had a $50 promotion code as it was right after the New Year that I signed up).

Anyone else excited for the CROSSFIT OPEN?! Registration starts today! I am pumped. The Open is so fun, it creates such an electric atmosphere in the gym, and it’s a really great way to measure your progress from a year ago. I imagine I will still have to do the scaled division, unless I can magically get hand stand push ups and muscle ups by February 25th (most likely not) but I still have a month to get my fitness back to where it was before I got sick.

Fun tip: if you’re looking to improve your mobility and challenge yourself a bit, I recommend playing around with close grip overhead squats. Normally for overhead squats, one would use a snatch (wide) grip. If you want to really improve your shoulder mobility, try bringing your hands closer together and using the same grip you’d use for a clean, push press or jerk.

Tip: squeeze your shoulder blades together! These are incredibly tough, but will really help you out in the long run as it will help with mobility as well as stability in the overhead position.

How is your New Years going? Have you accomplished any of your goals, started anything new or made any fun plans?

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