Barbells & Birthdays

Happy Friday! This is probably one of the most exciting Fridays of the year, because next week is a short week due to Christmas – I’m extremely lucky that my company will be closed from Christmas Eve through Monday, January 4th, which means I get the entire week after Christmas off!

Yesterday, I turned 29. I welcomed in the last year of my 20s with a wonderful surprise dinner that my boyfriend and friend arranged on Wednesday (the day before my actual birthday) at one of my favorite restaurants. My boyfriend had told me the two of us were going out to dinner, and I was completely in the dark about the fact that everyone (8 friends from the gym) would be meeting us there! It was so thoughtful and sweet, and it meant so much to me that everyone took time out of their lives to celebrate with me. It reminded me how lucky I am, and that despite this year being particularly tough and challenging, I have some truly incredible people in my life.

My friend Alyssa made me the most awesome gift! Look at this crafty madness! She made a Barbell Barbie diorama, complete with a donut deadlift bar, donut hole medicine balls, and there’s a freaking powdered sugar chalk bucket! Truly, one of the most thoughtful and meaningful gifts I have ever received. She is amazing.

Not only that, but she sewed a tank top, booty shorts and a headband. Plus I got to eat all the donuts, so of course that was a plus.

group dinner

Group shot!

Missing are Alyssa and Tucker (owners and coaches of my gym), but sheesh I love these people!

Yesterday, the 17th, was my actual birthday. I celebrated my going into the gym in the morning, squatting, decided I didn’t want to do my birthday WOD alone since nobody else showed up for the 8AM class, then went to work where my team surprised me with the best donuts I have ever had.



Then, I went to the gym to do my awesomely terrible birthday workout. Basically, I gave my coaches a bunch of movements that I like, and they make a WOD. Go me!


Those 80 wall balls and 60 dips hurt. HURTS SO GOOD.

Other than that, I had a quiet evening watching The Office. Can’t complain!


I have awesome friends. Truly, one of the best birthdays I have had, and I feel so grateful to know all of these wonderful people who helped me celebrate it.

And, finally, I wanted to share a bit of video footage. These were more clean pulls from this morning, but this time with a deficit of about 2″ (I stood on a 35 lb plate). It’s “only” two inches, but man oh man…you feel it. I did 3 reps at my clean max (138 lb):

And finished up with 2 sets of 3 reps at 110% of my max (153 lb). These were tough, and my glutes are definitely feeling it. YouTube also (not so) kindly informed me that this video is muted due to the fact that Holy Grail by Jay Z and Justin Timberlake was playing in the background, so…there’s that. I’m not cool and I don’t know how to make awesome clips in iMovie.

By the way…is anyone else totally not ready for Christmas? How is it that when you’re a kid, time goes by so slowly and when you’re an adult, you barely have time to breathe? I definitely don’t have my act together in terms of gifts, but to be honest I never do and I usually end up giving half my gifts late. Better late than never!



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