Happy Thanksgiving! Yeah, I’m Still Here.

Oh hey there!

It’s been long…too long.

Life has a way of getting super busy, and of course it seems to happen all at once. The last time I posted anything, I was nursing a slightly hurt lower back, which I’m happy to report has been feeling great.

I also started a new job earlier this month, which is where most of my time has gone. After taking a wondrous 8 months off from the work force, the transition back into a full-time gig has been quite the adjustment. But, the company I’m working for is full of great people, a lot of learning opportunities, and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t nice to have a steady paycheck again.

I would also be lying if I said being back at work didn’t throw a wrench into my gym schedule. During my time off, I was really lucky and was able to go to the gym pretty much whenever I wanted, and was able to spend a lot of time there. Now that I’m back in the real world, I’ve had to adjust my schedule and start going in the mornings, which has been tough, but I hear it gets easier after a few weeks. In all honesty, it’s really hard to acclimate…I definitely do not perform nearly as well in the morning as I do in the afternoons/evenings, but I have to trust the process and know that will become easier, and when I do have the opportunity to workout in the evenings, I’ll feel that much better.

Overall, things are going well – I recently hit a 190 back squat and am determined to get 200 by the end of the year. I’ve also made a substantial effort to add in 2-3 additional rowing workouts to my schedule, which leaves me doing two-a-days a few times a week. Luckily, rowing is a strength for me and I enjoy it, but I’m looking to build up my engine a bit more, particularly with the CrossFit open coming up in February. Is anyone else pumped for that?

Last Saturday, my gym and went over to CrossFit Walnut Creek for their second annual Ericlee Memorial Rowathon. We had 3 teams of 4 people, and the event had 26 teams total. There were 10 events to be completed over the course of 90 minutes; one member of the team had to remain on the rower the entire time, and meters were added to each team’s overall distance for each repetition (or time held, if that was how the event as judge) in the individual events. I ended up getting super sick on Friday night and went into the competition with a fever and feeling like death the whole time, but actually ended up winning both my individual events.

One of the events was max number of consecutive wall balls, and seeing as how I’m super tall and wall balls are my jam, guess who did that event? I was actually really proud of myself…I did 61 consecutive wall balls with an 18 lb med ball (4 lbs heavier than what I use at home) and was the overall winner.

The second event I did was a grip contest with the fat grip hold. In each hand, one had to hold a 24kg (about 52 lb) kettle bell that was attached to a wide handle. Not super sure how I did this, but I won this event as well with a time of 1:51. Not too shabby for being sick as a dog, right?

My team came in 6th place overall – out of 26 teams! I  was so proud and so grateful to be paired up with people who are so encouraging and hard working, particularly when I was feeling so awful. After the event was over, I went home and passed out for 4 hours, then proceeded to be super sick for another 3 days. Yesterday (the 25th) was the first day I felt like a relatively functional human being again, so I went into work and then went to the gym to do a little bit of rowing and leg work. The worst part about being sick for me is not being able to work out…I hate sitting around doing nothing for that many days in a row. I ended up doing 10 intervals of 250m rows at a slow(ish) pace, with 1:30 rest in between. It was enough to get my heart rate up and make me feel tired, but also not enough to exhaust whatever bit of gas was in the tank after being ill and taking some time off. After that, I did some light back squats, working up to 3 sets of 3 at my 60% (115 lbs), and ended with some walking dumbbell lunges (6 sets of 10 with 20 lbs in each hand).

Today is Thanksgiving, so I’m taking it easy and hoping to go back in to the gym tomorrow for what I know will be a tough workout. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, my gym typically does a reaaaaally long workout (most people finish between 30-45 minutes), although I sort of enjoy the longer ones.

I apologize for being MIA, but it’s been for good reason! Now, I am off to finish baking my pumpkin pie (from scratch, go me) and walk the dog. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, and I hope to be back to posting regularly again.

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