The Things That Happen When You Hurt Your Back

Oh hey! Before anyone says anything, I know I disappeared last week and while that wasn’t the plan at all, it’s just sort of what happened. Suddenly it was the weekend, and I will admit this weekend felt a little longer than usual, but before you get all grumpy about my saying that, know that it wasn’t for a very good reason.

To me, weekends usually mean lots of time to spend at the gym, or at the very least being outside and being active. This weekend was a little different, as my back decided to go out on Thursday and I’ve been in a fair amount of discomfort/pain since Thursday afternoon and have found myself having a torrid affair with my bed, Ibuprofen, and of course to round out the cliché, Netflix.

This week had felt pretty good for workouts, honestly. We did some pause front squats as the strength movement on Thursday before the WOD, and it was pretty light at 60%. The WOD itself wasn’t the greatest (it had thrusters, and I hate thrusters more than anything else in the entire CrossFit world) but to be fair it could have been a lot worse. It was 3 rounds for time of the following:

30 thrusters (45 lb for men, 33 lb for women)
30 KB Swings (24 kg for men/16 kg for women)
30 Ball slams (I used a 25#)

Somewhere in there (probably ball slams, on the 2nd round) I felt a little something start to ache in my back. I’m not crippled by any means and it could certainly be worse, but it has hurt enough to remind me that rest days are good for you and I should really take them seriously.

So, relatively long story short, I hurt my back and it has kept me out of the gym and in turn has apparently prevented me from blogging. While it was nice to have a lazy weekend and not feel bad about it, I’m absolutely ready to get back in the gym. This whole not working out thing is not working for me.

Yesterday I decided I was feeling well enough to go in and do something, so I’ve included a number of things you can do to strengthen your core so you don’t get hurt in the first place. Most of it is going to involve holds, of sorts, and dead bugs. Lots and lots of dead bugs.

  1. Dead Bugs
  2. Plank holds
  3. Hollow body holds
  4. Extended Superman holds

I did all of those exercises yesterday about 5 times through – 20 dead bugs per set (10 each side), 30 second plank holds, rest for 15 seconds, 30 second hollow body holds, rest 15 seconds, and 10 total slow and controlled extended Superman holds (hold your opposite arm and leg out for approximately 2-5 seconds). I also did some light rowing to get my heart rate moving, and I can definitely say that not only does my back feel better, but my core is definitely sore.

Even if you don’t currently have an injured/stiff/sore back, these are excellent exercises to incorporate at least three times a week. Your core is one of the most vital areas on your body, as it really does provide the strength and framework for everything.

Hopefully I’ll be good to go back to working out tomorrow – I figure I’ll give this one more day to rest, do some more core stuff, and hopefully hit the barbell ASAP.

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