A Couple of PR’s Never Hurt

We’re over the hump – welcome back, Thursday. Welcome back.

This week has been a busy one at the gym. It’s time do do maxes, and I’m stoked on two new PRs this week. On Monday, I hit a 183 lb. back squat – it was a little ugly and grindy, but looking at the video, I think it felt slower than it looked.

Forever chasing a 200 lb back squat. ONE DAY, PEOPLE. One day. Only .17 lbs. away.

Plus, a little bit of Alyssa being cute at the end because she reaaaally didn’t want to touch the bar/help at all while spotting me.

The second PR of the week was yesterday’s floor press. While floor press is not one of my favorites, although to be perfectly honest it is the only lift that I am always surprising myself with. Mostly because I forget what my max was because we don’t do it that often, and when I have to look it up, I always think, “no shit? Really? That much?!” So, with that in mind, I added a small PR to my floor press, which is now at 133 lbs. I don’t have a video for that one, but I promise that I did it.

PR’s aren’t everything but it is extremely gratifying to see the numbers go up, particularly when you’ve been working hard and being consistent. Although, I feel like the last couple weeks I’ve been slacking a bit and not doing a lot of the extra stuff that I used to work on a lot. To complain about this is stupid, but it’s easy to be hard on yourself especially when it isn’t really for any good reason. But now that I’m aware of it, I can make the conscious decision to hold myself responsible and make the choice to fix my routine and start putting in 100% again.

So if not PRs, why do we work out? FOR FOOD!

Tonight, Crossfit Incredible was lucky enough to have Out of the Cave set up at the gym for a few hours. Out of the Cave is a paleo food truck here in the Bay Area, and holy crap is it delicious. I mean, I got to work out and then immediately go outside and eat some delicious, super healthy food. Does it get any better than that?

Out of the Cave

That delicious goodness is tri tip, zucchini noodles and sweet potato mash. HOLY DELICIOUSNESS. It was so good, I got another one to have for lunch tomorrow!

My trip to Colorado is coming up this weekend, and I’m incredibly excited to go visit Denver and the surrounding areas. I’m looking forward to seeing friends, exploring a new area, and just enjoying the mountains. I still have some odds and ends to get sorted before I leave Friday morning at 7 A.M. (seriously, what was I thinking with a 7 A.M. flight?) but for the most part I think I’m ready to roll.

How about you? How is your week going? What is one fitness goal you’re currently trying to conquer?

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