Hero WODs & Donuts

If you’re at all familiar with Crossfit, you know how they love doing what they call hero WODs on holidays. Crossfit has a longstanding affiliation with the various sections of law enforcement and the military, as many of the different branches use Crossfit programming to keep their members in shape for the incredibly demanding work they do (both physical and mental). So, when national holidays come around, there is about a 90% chance that your local Crossfit gym is going to be doing a hero WOD.

What is a hero WOD? They are workouts that are named after members of the military or law enforcement branches that have been killed in the line of duty. These workouts are often much longer and harder than a normal Crossfit workout, as they are paying tribute to the service members who have lost their lives. Today, we did Hot Shot 19, which was created and named after the 19 firefighters in Yarnell, AZ who lost their lives in 2013. The full story is available here, and I’d encourage everyone to at least take a peek to honor those who served.

The WOD was written up on the board as follows:

Labor Day Workout

It was tough. Really tough. We did split it up and make it a partner workout, which made it much more doable, but I wouldn’t say easy. There was a slight discrepancy whether or not the squats were air squats (no barbell/weight) or not…we started the workout with air squats, and after about 35 seconds our coach turned off the timer and sheepishly told us we needed to use the barbell. So, we prepared for back squats with 95# for the ladies 135# for the guys, and we were off.

It sucked. Horribly. It was long, heavy, and the heat outside didn’t help. But, the humbling part about the hero WODs is that no matter how difficult they are for you at the moment, it truly is nothing compared to what service men & women go through.

My partner and I wrapped up our workout, then proceeded to lay down on the floor and die a little bit. This was definitely one of the longer workouts, clocking in at 37 minutes and 23 seconds for us to complete. It was hot out (around 90°), it was hard, but we gave it all we had. The soreness is starting to creep in now and I’m a little scared for how I’m going to feel in a few days.

The best part? When Tucker, our coach, said AFTER all was said and done, “hey guys…it turns out it was supposed to be air squats.” As in, not with 95/135 lbs. As in, we made it way harder than it was meant to be. But hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and my butt will thank me in the weeks to come.

After all that, I felt justified in indulging in some sweet, donut-ty deliciousness:


Mmmmm, donuts.

Now that I’m in a bit of a sugar coma, I need to carry on with the rest of my day and go visit my favorite redhead.

My favorite redhead & I.

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