A Method to the Morning Madness + I’m Sorry, Tuesday

Remember that one time when I talked about how everybody hates Tuesdays? Well, I would like to temporarily retract that statement, or at least have this particular Tuesday exempt from such a statement.

Normally, Tuesday is my rest day. However, when your friend/coach casually mentions the night before that tomorrow’s workout has deadlifts, which you haven’t done in a hot minute, sometimes things need to be rearranged. You know, for the greater good (gains).

In all truth, I probably should have taken a rest day as today was my 7th day in a row working out, and recovery is just as important to making progress as training is. I repeat: recovery is important and necessary. I don’t really have a good excuse other than I wanted to deadlift (…do as I say and not as I do). So I went to the gym at 7AM to lift things off the floor…and even had time to make coffee beforehand! You go, Tuesday!

The workout was as follows:

Skill: 5 sets of 5 at 70% of your deadlift max

WOD: 10 minute max on the following:
20 deadlifts
30 Toes to bar
50 box jump overs

Whatever is left of the 10 minutes, rest. After, start then following 2nd workout:
3 rounds for time:
10 floor press
20 ring rows

My sets of 70% felt really good, and while I probably could have pushed for the RX’ed women’s weight in the workout (165), I knew better than to push it too much, so I did 153, which is a few pounds more than my 70%. I used 93 lb. for the floor press and while it was tough, it wasn’t undoable if I did sets of 3-5 per round.

So, great workout! Go Tuesday, again! After that workout, I came home, ate some turkey bacon, showered, took a nap. Then woke up and go ready for work, then headed out to the barn, where I get to do the coolest thing in the world and hang out with this super cute guy:


Seriously, I just hang out with him and make him take pictures with me. But the following photos are probably the biggest reasons of why this Tuesday was awesome – this animal makes me happy.

Love me, dammit!

So cute!


This horse has so much personality, it’s insane. I love it.

Other than that, today was also nice because I ate tons of veggies and lean protein, and I feel really good. I’m experimenting a bit with not tracking my food and trying to just eat more intuitively with an emphasis on keeping it clean and unprocessed. I have a lot of feelings on the whole “flexible dieting” and “if it fits your macros (IIFYM)” phenomenon, only because I tried it (lightly) and found it didn’t really work for me; so, I’m trying to ignore numbers and just eat good, real, whole foods and see how my body responds and performs.

Lastly, I finally feel like I’m not super dehydrated. Again, I’ve found the nice part about working out in the morning is I definitely drink A TON more water throughout the day. Maybe there is a method to the morning madness? I’m starting to believe it.

What was the best part about your Tuesday? Do you use flexible dieting?

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