I’ve Never Been More Excited About My Butt

Hi Internet! Enjoy that title? Good, because it’s 7:30 PM on a Saturday and I’m sitting in bed eating a Quest bar…nowhere to go but up, friends, nowhere to go but up.

Speaking of buts (butts?) and going up, let’s get to the point! Like a lot of ladies out there, I want a butt. Specifically, a nice one, and while the amount of lifting I’ve done since beginning CrossFit has done tremendous things in that area (wasn’t that hard, as I’ve always had a more petite derriere), I know it could be even stronger (and nicer). The development of your glutes is important – improving your posture, going up stairs and picking things up, just to name a few, but for vanity’s sake…yeah, right now it’s time for Operation Booty Shorts.

Since this operation is now in place, I need to get cracking.  Back squats and front squats are excellent staples, but typically only work one part of your butt, which has three major parts (muscles). If you’re looking to work the other two, these are great exercises that will strengthen your glutes, as well as your hips and posterior chain.

1) Weighted/barbell glute bridge
For this one, you’ll need a barbell and some weights. I used a women’s bar (33 lb) and two 35 lb plates, but feel free to adjust as necessary.

Put the weights on the barbell, and sit on the floor with your legs out in front of you. Roll the barbell over your legs so that your hips are right under it. Hold onto the barbell with your hands for stability, then press the barbell up into a bridge. Squeeze your glutes to elevate the bar; repeat 8-10 reps, 3 rounds.

Check out this YouTube video for a demo. Note: this is a pretty long video at around 15 minutes, but they demo the movement within the first 30 seconds. If you have some time to spare and want to learn something new, I highly suggest watching it in its entirety.

2) Single leg raised hip thrusts
Similar in that these are essentially raised bridges, but done on a single leg. These will also target your hamstrings.

You’ll need a box/a bench/something at least 18″ off the ground. Lie on your back, place one foot on your box/bench, raise the other leg straight in the air, and squeeze your glutes to go upwards. This video demonstrates the exercise, and shows how to make it a little more difficult if you already have buns of steel.

3) Kettle bell box squats
This one is my favorite. For this, you need a few more props, but it’s worth it – get yourself two boxes or sturdy benches (they key word there is sturdy – you don’t want these moving!), a heavy kettle bell (I used a 24kg one) and a weight lifting belt with a chain on it to attach the kettle bell to.

Set up your two boxes so they’re more or less 2 feet apart, but adjust accordingly. Put on your belt, stand in the middle of your boxes, and secure the kettle bell to the belt at a height that feels right for you. When everything is secure, stand up on your boxes (one leg on each) and slowly lower yourself into a squat until the kettle bell touches the floor. This move is awesome because the kettle bell will swing, so it will force you to work that much harder to stabilize yourself.

I couldn’t find any decent videos on YouTube, so I may end up demoing it myself once I’m not on a rest day. But, I did find a great photo of this exercise thanks to The Chocolate Puma.

The Chocolate Puma demonstrating the Kettle Bell Box Squats

After you’ve done these, and you have the bum of a weightlifting goddess, go buy yourself a pair of Fleo shorts. Because what better way to celebrate your buns with some serious booty shorts?

Me (left) and my good friend/coach Alyssa (right) failing miserably at modeling our Fleo shorts. Eh, we tried.

Happy butt building!

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